Local SEO

Make your physical business attract more customers.

Local SEO - Posicionamiento Web geolocalizado.

Nowadays having your business with a good local Seo strategy is a very important base to be able to capture part of potential customers who are close to you.

Keep in mind that more than 90% carry out local or territorial searches in limited areas in order to obtain your product as quickly as possible. It should be noted that almost 80% of local searches end up making a purchase in less than 24 hours. We work on each of our clients’ projects, so that they can access the sales data provided by Google.

We achieve at all times that customers who search within your area, can easily find your business, thanks to the configuration we do local SEO. We improve your reputation by making it easier for your customers to recommend and value your business through local Google so you can attract more customers.

SEO Local - Destaca tu proyecto en búsquedas locales.

What is Local SEO

Local SEO is the way to configure the structure of your website in order to position it in the main searches carried out by potential customers within the structured area.

Local SEO marketing is the perfect tool for those local companies that want to sell their services or articles in their respective businesses. Thanks to geolocalized SEO we can also attract new companies with more global interests with which we can get collaborations or suppliers.

It is really useful to be able to show our future customers our geographical location on a map and be able to highlight our business over the competition and even guide them to the door of our business so they do not waste any time.

This SEO service is perfect when combined with SEM positioning.

Geolocalizamos tu tienda en google maps

Our strategy in Local SEO

We always recommend AgenciaSeoMarketing the local SEO, for those companies that have business or physical store and what they are looking for is to expand their results. Performing a good optimization and configuration in the Google My Business data to highlight the results shown on the map and thus be the main choice over those shown for their future customers.

1. Keyword research

We study in detail the needs of your business and conduct a keyword research that we will use in our local SEO technique.

2. SEO on Page

We make a configuration to optimize the structure of your website and its texts, this way we obtain an important relevance to the results shown in the searches.

3. Link Building Local

We customize a quality link building for our clients, segmenting the best websites for this purpose.

4. Opinions in local

We help you take your opinions to local with the best positive reviews made by our users. It’s a perfect way to boost your sales and SEO Local.